Day 1: My story

Today I signed up to the Live your Legend Dream Job Writing Habits & Start-A-Blog Challenge. Not surprisingly, here I am writing this!

A little background into why I am embarking on this journey – which being public, is terrifying! I am currently working in London as a freelance graphic designer, and have an art studio where I work on personal art projects. For some time now, I have been unhappy with how my career has progressed and know I can ‘do better’, like I’m hiding from myself, not fully committing, and though inaction, think of myself as an average designer and hobby artist.

Needless to say, I have an unhealthy habit of sabotaging and down-talking my own skills, and not fully investing into opportunities that have come my way. Through this public writing I hope to move past my fears, to not be a slave to my own anxiety, the ‘impostor syndrome’ mentality and depression. To be happy with where I’m at. To improve my writing, connect with what gets my heart racing, and to live a more colourful life.

If you are reading this and can relate to this story, I would love to know. To your colour!


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